There Is A Solution

There Is A Solution

As we study Chapter 2, “THERE IS A SOLUTION”, we will learn what the Solution is to that seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. We will learn who gave us this information. We will learn where we will find the clear-cut directions for taking the actions we must take to be assured that we will join the first one hundred as recovered alcoholics.

We will learn the difference between the Fellowship and the Program. We will learn that, although we share a common problem, that, in itself, will not produce the Solution. We will learn some very real truths about alcoholism. We will learn that, although an alcoholic cannot control the amount he drinks once he has taken the first few drinks (because of the physical sensitivity to alcohol), that is not the real problem. The physical allergy is not what drives us to Alcoholics Anonymous for help. The real problem centers in the mind; because the real alcoholic is unable to manage his most earnest decision to never take another drink.

But drinking is not the main problem of the chronic alcoholic. Alcoholics drink — and do so better than almost everybody else. Stopping is not the problem. Every alcoholic has stopped many times. The real problem of the chronic alcoholic is that we cannot stay stopped. The real alcoholic mind is one that does not have sufficient willpower to manage the decision to stay stopped; that produces the “insidious insanity” that leads to the first drink. Lacking willpower to manage a decision to not take the first drink mandates that the hopeless alcoholic find a Higher Power that will remove the need to try to manage a decision to never drink again.

We will also learn something of the three types of drinkers. There are the moderate drinkers who would never think about coming to Alcoholics Anonymous; they can take it or leave it alone. Then, there are the hard drinkers; they may need to come to Alcoholics Anonymous to learn that they are not alcoholics. Given a good reason, they can drink like moderate drinkers or abstain completely, if they so choose.

But the real or chronic alcoholic is totally powerless over alcohol. We can neither control the amount we drink, nor do we have the power to manage a decision to not ever drink again. Alcoholics Anonymous is for the real alcoholic only. We will learn more about that when we study the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.